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DCE Open Source Licensing:

January 12, 2005 -- The Open Group (formerly Open Software Foundation) announced that the source code of the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is being made available under a recognized open source license (LGPL). The Open Group's initiative will broaden the use of DCE's enterprise computing concepts and middleware components.

Previously, DCE 1.2.2 source code was only obtainable under a traditional license.

IAPS consultants worked with the Open Software Foundation (OSF) during DCE's inception. We provided courseware development, software engineering and customer support services to DCE platform and tools vendors, and assisted many companies to assess, implement and support DCE-based production systems.

Throughout DCE's entire life cycle, IAPS provided DCE training and consulting to corporations and governmental agencies worldwide. With the free availability of DCE source code, our staff is now looking forward to working with additional IT groups and open source developers to evolve DCE to meet new requirements and improve DCE's interoperability with newer platforms, enterprise computing technologies and applications.

The DCE source code is available through The Open Group's web site:

About DCE:

The Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is an industry-standard, vendor-neutral set of distributed computing technologies. It provides a complete Distributed Computing Environment infrastructure, including security services to protect and control access to data, name services that make it easy to find distributed resources, and a scalable model for organizing widely scattered users, services, and data. DCE runs on all major computing platforms and is designed to support distributed applications in heterogeneous hardware and software environments. As a mature product with three major releases and the only middleware system with a comprehensive security model, it is deployed worldwide in critical business environments.

Further Information:

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