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Ted J. Demopoulos

Senior Member, Technical Staff

Ted Demopoulos provides consultation and training on the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), information security, enterprise computing, operating system architecture, network development and user interface design. He has been associated with IAPS since 1993.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Demopoulos prepared and delivered numerous tutorials, workshops and conference presentations. He authored several courses on Microsoft operating systems including "Windows NT Architecture", "Windows 2000/XP Architecture", and "Windows NT and Unix: A Technical Comparison". Prior to the release of Microsoft .NET, he developed and delivered a seminar for IT executives and system architects on .NET's significance and technical features. Most recently, he has developed and presented a series of courses on Information Security for software developers, IT professionals and enterprise managers.

Ted Demopoulos worked closely with the Open Software Foundation during the development of the Distributed Computing Environment as a technical evangelist, trainer, and consultant. He was the principal developer of the first DCE programming seminar for the Open Software Foundation and delivered DCE architecture, programming and administration courses to OSF's technical staff. He delivered dozens of DCE courses worldwide, and helped develop a commercial DCE development tool for Open Environment Corp. Mr. Demopoulos also consulted with a number of DCE vendors, including IBM, HP, DEC, and Gradient Technologies.

Some of Ted's DCE consulting assignments include:

  • Security Architect on a health care system proposal for Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region. Designed and implemented a DCE-based prototype system for securely storing and distributing medical records. DCE Security was a critical technology for meeting both the client's and the regulatory agency's security requirements.
  • Worked on a high throughput, real-time, DCE-based transactional system for lottery and horse racing for The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club. Involvement ranged from designing security architecture, educating the system development team on DCE, teaching the client's IT department how to take the system live and maintain it securely, and coordinating interactions between US and International development teams.
  • Compared competing UNIX and Windows DCE implementations for several clients. Made recommendations based on each client's current IT environment, planned usage, and projected needs.
  • Acted as a DCE Customer Engineer for several DCE vendors. Visited customer sites, analyzed and successfully addressed DCE issues.

Mr. Demopoulos has been fascinated by computer security since his first significant encounter with computers in 1977. He has actively worked in the computer security field during his entire career, including customer support for prominent companies in the security field, and as a consultant to IT groups within organizations. He is aware of how "hackers" and other computer criminals think, and how to successfully defend against them.

Some of Ted's Security consulting assignments include:

  • Building a security test lab for The Hong Kong government and running competing vendor's products though the paces. Made concrete recommendations for products based on projected needs, and successfully defended choices.
  • Architecting and implementing a secure framework for audit and server log consolidation for a large US Investment house. Acted as project manager, general security resource, and point of contact between the client and vendors.
  • Design of a general purpose digital certificate for banking for Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited (JETCO), a consortium of over forty Asian banks.
  • Comparing two competing Internet security products and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses for a large governmental agency. Made recommendations based on client's current and future needs.
  • Design of a system for secure data aggregation over the Internet that is now operational and used in over one hundred countries.
  • Designing and conducting an employee survey to assess the security knowledge of engineers, sales personnel and managers for Cisco Systems. The survey report included metrics and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of staff involved with selling security solutions.

Since 1984, Mr. Demopoulos provided technical services for computer system vendors and IT organizations. Clients for whom Mr. Demopoulos has consulted and/or conducted courses include: Beckman Instruments, Bull, Cisco Systems, Compaq Computers, DEC, Hong Kong Telecom, The Hong Kong Post Office, HP, IBM, Motorola, NASA, OSF, The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, Siemens Nixdorf, The Singapore Ministry of Education, TRW, T Rowe Price, and TruSecure. Mr. Demopoulos has also presented numerous tutorials at USENIX and other leading technical conferences worldwide since 1987.

B.Sc., Mathematics, Dartmouth College
M.Sc., Mathematics, University of New Hampshire

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