Institute for Advanced Professional Studies

Dr. Thomas W. Doeppner, Jr.

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Doeppner joined IAPS in 1984. He provides consultation and training on enterprise computing, server development, multithreaded programming, networking, as well as Linux and UNIX internals architecture and system programming.

Dr. Doeppner has prepared and presented numerous courses on operating system internals (UNIX System V, 4.x BSD, Digital and Tandem UNIX, NFS), distributed computing (DCE Application Programming, Cell Design/Administration, and Internals), multithreaded programming (Windows, Linux, Solaris, UNIX (POSIX)), and networking (TCP/IP). He was the principal developer of the first courses on the internals of the OSF/1 operating system and on the internals of DCE (courses developed by IAPS for the Open Software Foundation), and the first OSF/1 Microkernel course, as well as the first Solaris Threads Programming and Spring OS courses (both developed by IAPS for Sun Microsystems). Most recently, he has developed and presented courses on Linux Internals, Linux Multithreaded Programming, Linux Embedded Systems Programming, and on NFSv4 Protocol Implementation for kernel developers.

Dr. Doeppner joined the faculty of Brown University in Providence, RI in 1976 and is now a Research Associate Professor and the Vice Chair of the Computer Science Department. He is Brown's liaison to Microsoft's Research Group and has taught courses on operating systems, programming languages, distributed computing, and networking. He managed the Brown Computer Science Department's computing facilities for a number of years and served as a consultant on DCE to Brown's IT department.

Dr. Doeppner was a pioneer in the area of multithreaded programming on UNIX systems and wrote an early, widely distributed threads package. This package was the basis for Encore's parallel threads product supporting parallel programming. He has developed tools for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of multithreaded programs, particularly on multiprocessors. Dr. Doeppner also reviews designs of multithreaded applications for industrial clients.

In the area of mobile wireless computing, Dr. Doeppner is currently working on caching, naming, and security strategies to facilitate information sharing and collaborative work. The integration of this work with enterprise computing technologies such as information storage systems, enterprise-wide directory services and enterprise-wide security solutions is being explored.

Since 1977, Dr. Doeppner has consulted extensively for the computer industry. IAPS clients for whom Dr. Doeppner has consulted and/or conducted courses include Addamax, BBN-Advanced Computers, Bell Laboratories, Bull, Compaq Computers, Cornell University, Cray Research, DEC, Foxboro, Gould, HP, IBM, Intel, MCI, Motorola, OSF, Prime, Purdue University, Qualcomm, Stratus, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Tandem, Tektronix, and Unisys. Dr. Doeppner has presented numerous tutorials at USENIX and other leading conferences worldwide since 1986.

B.Sc., Computer Science, Cornell University
Ph.D., Computer Science, Princeton University

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