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.NET Overview

.NET and Workshop Overview:

This course is a starting point for our comprehensive C#, XML, .NET and Web Services curriculum. It provides an overview of Microsoft's .NET technology. The course discusses the fundamental issues in developing applications in the Web environment, leading to the concept of applications as a service.

The .NET Framework is outlined, including the class library and runtime. The major .NET languages are introduced. ASP.NET is described, including the use of Web Forms and Web Controls to simplify developing and deploying Web applications. The central role of XML and SOAP is described, including a discussion of the creation and use of Web services. The course surveys additional .NET services, Windows Forms, ADO.NET, interoperability with COM and the Win32 API, and .NET Security.

The course includes demonstrations of the development of Web services and programming in C# and VB.NET using Visual Studio .NET. Course attendees will be provided with comprehensive notes and programming examples.

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Workshop Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to describe:

  • The application development trends that drive .NET architecture
  • The basic architecture of .NET
  • The major components of .NET and its development languages and tools

IAPS can customize .NET training to achieve specific organizational objectives.

Topic Outline:

  • What is Microsoft .NET?
    • Applications in the Internet Age
    • Tools for Today's Applications
    • A Robust Windows Platform
    • .NET Programming Platform
    • .NET Enterprise Servers

  • .NET Framework
    • Evolution to .NET
    • .NET Framework Overview
    • Common Language Runtime
    • .NET Framework Class Library
    • Common Language Specification
    • .NET Languages
    • .NET Framework SDK
    • Visual Studio .NET

  • Common Language Runtime
    • Goals of CLR
    • Assemblies
    • Common Type System
    • Metadata
    • Virtual Execution System
    • Intermediate Language
    • Managed Code
    • Just-In-Time Compilation
    • Garbage Collection

  • .NET Languages
    • C#
    • Visual Basic .NET
    • Visual C++ .NET
    • JScript .NET
    • PerlNET

  • ASP.NET and Web Services
    • Web Forms
    • Html Controls
    • Web Controls
    • Collaborative Web Applications
    • Moving from Web Sites to Web Services
    • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
    • Web Services Description Language
    • Discovery of Web Services


Two days

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for application and system developers and technical managers who are starting on a .NET project or who are evaluating this technology.

Technical Prerequisites:

Familiarity with application and system development

Course Format:

Interactive lecture with demos and/or hands-on workshop

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