Monday, January 17, 2005

DCE: Will Open Source Renew Interest?

The source code of the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is now being made available under an open source license. Previously, DCE 1.2.2 source code was only obtainable under a traditional software product license.

DCE was introduced in 1991 as industry-standard, vendor-neutral, full featured, scalable middleware. Most of the major computer vendors embraced DCE, which has supported thousands of mission critical applications in small to large enterprises and governmental agencies. Today, DCE deployments still provide many mission critical IT services.

DCE is a mature technology. For the past several years, DCE product development ceased and our DCE training and consulting work solely involved the maintenance or migration of DCE legacy systems and applications.

With DCE source code now freely available to the open source community, it will be fascinating to see how this complex technology will evolve and find new applications. With great interest, we will continue to follow developments in the DCE marketplace.

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At 9:22 PM, Ted Demopoulos said...

My only question is, why did The Open Group take so long? It seems like a no brainer to me. It's doubtful that they are making significant, if any, revenue on DCE anymore.
DCE is their biggest success. Some would say only success that still matters (anyone remember Motif or OSF/1 - good technologies, but basically gone now). It is still used fairly extensively in industry, and the technology forms the underpinnings of Microsoft's DCOM, which among other things drives the printer in my home office!


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