Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pixel Ads and Search Engine Optimization

The MillionDollarHomePage (MDHP) has a Google Page Rank of 7, and thousands of visitors per day.

Last December, I learned about the MDHP, and the novelty and potential benefit from owning a five-year MDHP link to my site, was just too intriguing to resist. So on January 4th, I bought a 100 pixel block of MDHP real estate with the idea of "researching" the potential of this new form of advertising.

I had no idea about what to expect from my $100 investment, or even how to create an ad -- let alone one that would get noticed amongst the other 9999 pixel blocks.

Currently, in the world of pixel advertising, there's the MDHP and "everything else". The MDHP is unique, well known, hopefully enduring, and truly part of "Internet history". That is not to say that other pixel ad sites will not also gain prominence in the future, but many of today's copycats will never be viable.

Most of what I hope to discuss about pixel advertising relates to my experience with both the MDHP and today's lesser known pixel ad sites. When appropriate, I will compare the important aspects of the newer sites to the MDHP. Hopefully, my experience will be of value to both pixel advertisers and advertising site owners.

In the past few weeks, I prepared and placed more than 25 pixel ads. I also compiled data from Google, MSN Search and Yahoo on their recognition of links to my site from pixel ads. The results differ markedly from search engine to search engine.

The initial data will be presented in my next post.


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