Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Reason to Postpone SP3 Installation

Microsoft should be blamed for many Windows XP SP3 installation issues. However, new problems will be caused by third-party software publishers that did not adequately test their own offerings for SP3 platforms.

Problems occurred with some special versions of Internet Explorer 7. These "private label" IE browsers are often provided to customers by large ISPs such as Comcast.

Antivirus programs and utilities that monitor and halt applications need the most testing. Symantec issued a patch to fix a post-SP3 installation problem that removed entries in the Device Manager, blocked network connectivity and created thousands of unwanted entries in the Windows registry.

By waiting a month (after its initial release) to install SP3, you will be spared the grief caused by ineffective error detection and lax quality assurance practices at independent software providers.

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