Sunday, June 1, 2008

Don't Take Advice from Bloggers

If you can get past my attention-grabbing blog post title, you should take my advice and ignore advice from blogs and forums on remedies for advanced technical computer problems.

In the process of researching issues with Windows XP SP3 installation, compatibility and performance, I spoke with a number of industry experts. Their affiliations included Microsoft, Dell Technical Support, and The Geek Squad. I also scanned some industry and technical magazines, forums and blogs.

In many blog comments and forum posts, I was shocked to find high-risk, but authoritatively-stated fixes to Blue Screen of Death and Windows Registry problems. Far too often, those detailed technical recommendations were not checked for typos or were authored by someone unknowingly giving bad advice.

The average non-technical computer user gets flustered when his or her computer has a serious, unexpected malfunction. At that point, they are in the greatest danger of acting on bad advice and making their unfortunate situation worse.

Non-technical computer users should leave the editing of the Windows Registry (and comparable tasks) to a qualified technician. They should not try to make these highly technical changes from recommendations in a forum post or blog comment.

Forums and blogs offer a lot of invaluable information, but in critical situations, only follow their advice when you are sure of every detail.

If your computer problem is related to a Windows XP SP3 installation, contact Microsoft and request their free technical support.

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At September 1, 2008 11:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're looking to get screwed over than feel free to hire Geek squad. I made an appointment with them over a week ago and confirmed it just yesterday. The gave me a four hour window (annoying enough) that they would show up at. I waited the entire four hours at home after canceling appointments. THEY NEVER SHOWED. I called to ask them where they were and they said that the "Agent" that was going to fix my computer quit a week ago. I asked why they confirmed the appointment the day before and they stated,"I'm sorry that happened to you. Would you like to reschedule?" Are you kidding me? Not only do they not have an answer for why they screwed me over but they actually think that I would want to conduct business with them again. This is a poorly run business that had no concept of how to treat its customers. They lost a customer today. And you can bet that I'm going to pass on my wonderful experience to everyone I meet and know.


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