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Education Consulting and Training Support Services

Corporate Overview: Training

IAPS is an international training services firm that designs and presents educational programs for technical professionals and managers. In addition, we provide organizations with education consulting and strategic planning support services for both employee and customer training. IAPS provides technical training experts to assist organizations with planning, assessment, design and delivery of training on software development for electronic products and complex IT systems and other technical topics.

Through our Academic Partner Program, IAPS assists colleges and universities to develop, deliver and manage corporate training and continuing education programs. We offer a full range of services including courses to complement university offerings, courseware and on-line training development, program coordination and marketing, training support services, and corporate education consulting, i.e., conducting training needs assessments.

Education Consulting and Technical Training Support Services

IAPS understands the "business" of customer and employee training in addition to the instructional design techniques and organizational development considerations that make training effective. We work with organizations to assess specific or overall technical training requirements and assist them in selecting and implementing the optimal solution.

We have worked with senior executives, training directors, technical department and project managers to plan and deliver media-based, computer assisted, and instructor led courses. Our typical consulting assignments include one or more of the following tasks:

Strategic Planning for Training

  • Harmonizing corporate training activities with business objectives
  • Defining organizational training needs in light of enterprise business objectives
  • Determining staff training implications of new technologies and regulations
  • Creating a comprehensive corporate learning/HRD strategy
  • Setting goals and building a staff to offer profitable customer training

Technical Training Needs Assessment for Individuals and Groups

  • Evaluating near term job related needs
  • Preparing for professional certifications and licenses
  • Defining long term career development training needs

Evaluation of Existing Training Expenditures and Practices to Enhance ROI

  • Establishing evaluation criteria
  • Measuring overall effectiveness and ROI
  • Using new cost effective training technologies
  • Identifying performance metrics
  • Deciding to make vs. buy
  • Analyzing travel and other organizational costs
  • Determining the feasibility of distance learning and remote instruction delivery

Selection of Candidate Training Solutions

  • Creating a comprehensive RFP
  • Evaluating competing proposals
  • Selecting training methodologies
  • Evaluating cost effectiveness and long term value

Curriculum Planning and Development: Employee and Customer

  • Curriculum Planning
    • Defining the training population
    • Assessing individuals' needs
    • Establishing skill development tracks
    • Predicting courseware life cycle
    • Determining instructional delivery costs
    • Determining courseware design and maintenance costs
    • Determining design and delivery infrastructure costs

  • Courseware Development and Delivery Infrastructure
    • Implementing an instructional design framework, e.g. ADDIE Model, ILDS, Dick and Carey
    • Selecting, customizing and using a courseware development environment
    • Selecting, integrating and using learning management systems (LMS)
    • Constructing a courseware module repository and version control system
    • Specifying IT resources for courseware development and delivery
    • Applying e-learning standards (AICC, SCORM) to enhance interoperability
    • Selecting the best implementation technologies
    • Managing instructional system design and maintenance projects

  • Instructional Design: Objects, Modules and Complete Training Packages
    • Specifying training objectives
    • Incorporating a "learner-centric" perspective
    • Applying sound Software Engineering concepts to courseware development
    • Creating durable, reusable and customizable materials
    • Creating live presentation materials
    • Designing for effective remote delivery
    • Developing media-based instruction modules
    • Developing computer assisted instruction
    • Developing web-based instruction modules
    • Converting existing instructional materials for on-line delivery
    • Creating hands-on exercises
    • Customizing/Individualizing/Localizing courseware
    • Accommodating diverse learning styles and needs
    • Increasing modularity and flexibility
    • Prototyping courseware
    • Testing usability and operation on target platforms
    • Developing tests and other forms of learner evaluation
    • Validating courseware, tests and other forms of evaluation

  • Determining Staffing Requirements
    • Administrators and coordinators
    • Subject matter experts and instructors
    • Courseware developers
    • Instructional design experts
    • Sales and marketing personnel

Instructor Development of In-house Subject Matter Experts

  • Appropriate teaching methodologies for practicing professionals as learners
  • Techniques for enhancing information transfer efficiency and effectiveness
  • Course planning and preparation considerations
  • Guidelines for creating useful course materials

Further Information

We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to discuss your organization's education consulting and technical training support requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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