Ratings and Reviews from IAPS Customers

Superpages.com April 11, 2007 *****  (5 Stars)

Excellent service: Responsive, highly qualified, reasonably priced, professional, customer-oriented

These folks are experts and a pleasure to deal with.

We have a small team of software developers. IAPS provided a customized course that emphasized a number of topics we needed to design and test a mission-critical system. In the course, we identified a serious flaw in our design. Informal advice from the instructor also enabled us to avoid some costly mistakes.

The instructor kept in touch with us as we developed our applications. We contracted with IAPS for a post-course day of on-site implementation support. The cooperation and support we received from IAPS was invaluable.

Every penny spent with IAPS was money well spent, and there is nothing negative to report.

Yahoo! User Reviews April 8, 2007 *****  (5 Stars)

Top Quality

The staff and management of IAPS are dedicated to their work as workshop leaders and technical consultants.

The staff is at the top of their field, and they are often considered the best at what they do.

They have helped my company to develop high performance electronic products and server applications.

They can provide courses and consulting services worldwide.

They are excellent to deal with and I recommend them highly!

Yahoo! User Reviews April 11, 2007 *****  (5 Stars)

Excellent service: Responsive and highly qualified

We have been working with IAPS since 1997. Every time we needed some expert advice, they provided us with the ideal consultant. We still marvel at how they could send us consultants that matched our complex requirements so well.

If you need expert advice from responsible professionals with strong communication skills, IAPS is the company to call. They specialize in programming languages and software development technologies.

Working with IAPS has always been a positive experience. They've delivered when we needed them.

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