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Corporate Perspective:

Founded in 1977, IAPS is a leading international training and consulting firm that designs and presents educational programs for technical professionals and managers. We provide technical experts to assist organizations with assessment, design, implementation and performance optimization of leading edge software for electronic products, complex IT systems and web sites. IAPS also provides technical litigation support services on intellectual property matters in addition to technical training support services and education consulting.


The principal technologies covered in our current contracts include:

IT and Enterprise Computing: Architecture, Technologies and Application Migration and Development
Multi-tier Approaches to Integrating Business Applications with DCE, CORBA, COM+, XML, Microsoft.NET, Java, Web Services, etc. Design of B2B and Consumer-oriented E-commerce Systems, Databases, Middleware, Integration of Heterogeneous (Windows, Linux and UNIX) Systems, Directory Services (LDAP and Active Directory), Security, Disaster Planning, Heterogeneous File Systems, Internationalization and Software/Internet Standards.

Business Computer and Information Security
Secure Programming, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and Performance Testing, Networks and IT System Architecture, Access Control, PKI, Product Evaluations and Security Policies.

Object-Oriented System Development
OOA&D, UML, Design Patterns, C++, Java and C#.

C, C++, Java and C# Programming
For All Computing Environments: Programming, Application Porting, Development and QA Tools, Embedded Systems and Real-time Programming, Client/Server and Distributed Computing, Multithreaded Programming (Linux, UNIX (POSIX), Solaris, Windows (Win32) on Uniprocessors, Hyper-threaded, Multi-core and Multiprocessors, Software Internationalization and Unicode.

Linux, UNIX, Microsoft.NET and Windows (Server, Vista and XP)
Server and Intranet Development, Performance Optimization, Systems Programming, Standards, Development Tools, Window Systems, Shells, Applications, Information Security, Network Development, as well as System, Middleware and Network Administration.

Graphical User Interfaces
Use, Application Programming, and Development Tools for X, CDE, Windows and Open Source Desktop Environments.

Linux, UNIX and Distributed File System Internals
Kernel Development, Porting, Optimization, File Systems (NFSv4), Device Drivers and Networking.


A representative list of our clients includes Andersen Consulting, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Boeing, Bose Corporation, Citicorp, Clemson University, Cray Research, Data Domain, Data General Corporation, the Department of Defense, Digital Equipment Corporation, Disney Feature Animation, Ericsson, Exxon, General Motors Corporation, Harris Corporation, Hearst Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Houston Chronicle, IBM, the Internal Revenue Service, LSI Logic, Motorola, the National Security Agency, the Social Security Administration, NCR Corporation, Olivetti Corporation, Open Software Foundation, Qualcomm, Raytheon, Charles Schwab, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments, Unicode Consortium, UNISYS, and Xerox Corporation.


IAPS has established a reputation for providing high-quality, custom-designed training programs. We have developed and presented over 10,000 instructional programs in a broad spectrum of technical and business subjects. These programs include the first workshops conducted on microprocessors, Ada, electronic spreadsheets, and various UNIX, Linux and distributed computing topics.


IAPS has a staff of sixty practicing technical professionals who are involved in training and course development. Some have gained prominence as key contributors to the technologies they teach. Each course teaching assignment is supported by an educational specialist to insure subject matter expertise is coupled with effective instructional design for maximum learning and client benefit.

The average IAPS tenure of our consultants is over a decade. They are prominent technical professionals who are actively involved in advanced product and system development. Most have university-level teaching and project management experience and all have strong communication skills.

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